School Programs

ACTIV Pathways

ACTIV Pathways offers training programs tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual,

are person-centered and empower individuals to take control and responsibility for their life.
A number of students at Gladys Newton School have participated in Certificate I Transport

& Logistics, Certificate 1 Agri Foods, and Certificate 1 Business courses.


Students aged 11 to 18 at Gladys Newton School are enrolled in ASDAN Preparing for Adulthood

programs. The achievements of students are celebrated through the preparation of portfolios

and certificates of attainment. Each student’s portfolio is externally moderated in Western

Australia. ASDAN’s purpose is ‘The advancement of education by providing opportunities for

all learners to develop their personal and social attributes and levels of achievement through

ASDAN awards and resources.’Three awards are offered at Gladys Newton: New Horizons,

Transition Challenge and Towards Independence.

Bike Riding

Bike riding is programmed as part of the Physical Education learning area and promotes independence

and gross motor skills, in particular balance. Gladys Newton School has a large collection of tricycles

and bicycles; therapists have regular input into this program, if necessary arranging the adaptations

that may be needed for students with physical disabilities. With safety and welfare a priority, all

students wear helmets and those who are less independent, have assistance with riding. Students are

also taught road skills as we have a set of working traffic lights!Our bitumen bike track winds through

bush land towards the rear of our grounds. When not booked by our own classes, other Education Support

facilities vie for a time when their students can use this wonderful facility.

Bush Rangers Cadets

The Bush Ranger WA program is a Curriculum Council endorsed program for students 12 years of age and

older and counts towards meeting the requirements of the WA Certificate of Education (WACE). As Bush

Rangers Cadet, students experience a range of activities including conservation projects, learning about

sustainability and ecosystems, attend excursions and camps, and learn basic first aid skills. Students benefit

socially by participating in-group activities, working as part of a team, building community partnerships and

collaborating with other Cadet Units. Bush Rangers are required to wear a uniform and show pride whilst

representing the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Multi-Sensory Room

The multi-sensory environment assists children to learn through their seven senses: movement, proprioception, touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. The multi-sensory room provides modifications to facilitate increased student interaction within the environment. It provides a structured environment to sustain the correct level of sensory stimulation/arousal and provides targeted sensory stimulation at the optimum level increasing the opportunity for skill development. The facility also provides an opportunity to further develop interpersonal and communication skills, physical and cognitive skills.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

All students at Gladys Newton School participate in a weekly Kitchen Garden Program, spending structured time in a productive veggie garden and home-style kitchen as part of their everyday school experience. They learn skills that will last them a lifetime, and discover how much fun it is to grow and cook their own seasonal vegetables and fruits. The fundamental philosophy that underpins the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is that by setting good examples and engaging children’s curiosity, as well as their energy and their taste buds, we can provide positive and memorable food experiences that will form the basis of positive lifelong eating habits.

Structured Workplace Learning

Structured Workplace Learning prepares students for employment by providing knowledge about the transferable generic work skills valued by employers. Employability skills are developed over a lifetime and are valued in education, training, workplaces and the community. Participating in a supported, structured workplace learning program based on employability skills and involving a number of different workplaces, assists students and parents/carers to make informed decisions about their future. These decisions are vitally important for students to transition successfully from school to further education, training, employment and for participation in the community. The placement of a student in a supported work environment as part of work experience or a school based work trial can potentially lead to employment.


All students have the opportunity to participate in a safe, quality swimming and water safety program. Our on-site hydrotherapy-swimming pool is heated all year round, has a hoist to allow wheelchair students easy access and caters for relaxation, water awareness, developing water safety skills and hydrotherapy programs developed by therapists.Swimming program outcomes link directly to the Australian Curriculum (Fundamental Movement Skills and Health-related Physical Activities) and Department of Education (Swimming and Water Safety Stages and Awards). Our qualified swimming teachers are able to make adjustments to the practical delivery of movement-based lessons to ensure that students with a physical disability can access, participate, and achieve on the same basis as their peers. We have linked our Senior Swimming Program with community access to Bayswater Waves to encourage independent skills, enable our students to behave in an appropriate manner within the community, and provide an opportunity to swim in deep water (1.8 m) to further develop swimming skills and fitness.

Technology/Integrated Learning

Gladys Newton School provides high quality and personalised learning experiences to enable all students to reach their full potential through the effective integration of technology. We currently have an Interactive Smart TV in every classroom, 70 iPads, 30 computers and a Tap-It-Computer accessible to our students. Gladys Newton also offers a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for our students, enabling them to bring their own iPad, iPod or communication device to school.

Vocational Education Training

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is designed to prepare students in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 for employment opportunities or further training post school. The qualifications, certificates and units of competency students can achieve are industry focused and devised specifically for the needs of that industry. VET in Schools provides training and certification in nationally recognised industry qualifications, with workplace experience and skills whilst the student is still enrolled and attending school. As part of the VET program at Gladys Newton School students participate in Structured Workplace Learning, are enrolled in the ACTIV Pathways Certificate I courses, and are offered a Safety in the Workplace module.